Monday Time!

Monday Time!
👉Guys. it's Monday. Ya know, in case you weren't sure.

I make it a point to start the week with a positive attitude, does it always come naturally? no. But it does always come. Whether that's first thing in the morning and I'm raring to go and start my week or it's more in the afternoon/evening when I've got my week planned out and have actually started working on things in a practical, more aligned way.

During my meditation this morning, my app asked me, 'how do I want to feel this week?' What a beautiful way to start a Monday! Not just with, 'What do I want to accomplish this week?', no it's deeper than that. As I've come to continue to realize (and at this point in my life need constant reminders about), accomplishing things doesn't always make me feel good. It's more about feeling grounded and in alignment with my life and the side effect ends up being accomplishment (thanks Lexi!)

What's one (or more!) word that describes how you want to feel this week?

ps. I want to feel inspired this week🙏

Monday Time!

Monday Time!

Mondays can be awesome. ⁣

They are a start to the new week, a way to re-energize yourself for things to come and a new chance to make positive things happen in your life. I bet we all can sink into that feeling of starting something new and how exciting that can be! Whether that's getting a new puppy, a new book, a new car or house-these are all new adventures that we take on with an excitement that isn't always present as you go through having these things for a long time. It's not that you love that puppy any less or anything but let's recall that new feeling; the excitement and joy that holds true even when that dog is driving you crazy! ⁣

Welcome to the Monday excited feelings! ⁣

Drop an emoji below if you're doing something new and exciting this week, even if it's something small like a new flavor of tea, a new type of workout, a new place to get your walk in or a new song or album that you've been rocking out to! Bonus points if you share what that is because I definitely need to push myself into some new music 😆⁣

"Make Monday the start of something wonderful"⁣
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