These are links to products I've found helpful! I do receive a small commission when you shop from these links, so thank you!
Pregnancy Essentials
These are some of the things that helped me throughout pregnancy
Postpartum/Breastfeeding Essentials
These items are different things that I definitely didn't entirely know I would need, but am so glad that I bought! This is a combination of things that helped my breastfeeding journey and different nutrition options for me and baby.
Gut Health Staples
These are just a few things that can be helpful when it comes to gut health

This list is filled with different styles of books; all health related because that's mostly what I read! 

Non-toxic accessories 
This is just a short list of different items I have found helpful along my low-tox journey 


Baby Goodies
These are just some of the baby goodies that have either been helpful or things baby loves to play with!