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I am a bold, beautiful, sometimes timid, usually happy, essential oil, nutrition junkie. Although at 37 I feel as if I've had several careers over a lifetime (or at least sometimes when I look back at my resume that is what shines through). I've been a paralegal, an office manager, a administrative assistant, worked in commercial lending and have finally landed on plants. Plants you ask? Yes plants. I got my Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from LIU Post in NY and started working as a Health Coach for a wonderful company where I can literally work from anywhere in the world. Life was good. Then why did I want more?

Many of us say that we want more but we're not always sure what that looks like. And frankly I wasn't sure either. Right before I graduated with my nutrition degree I went to a workshop where a registered dietitian spoke about using essential oils in her practice to help her patients. I was floored. I knew that #plantsheal but I didn't realize that others in the 'conventional' medical community thought that as well!! Learning that it was possible to incorporate these magical little bottles gave me a huge sense of hope. I reached out to my friend Alina to ask more questions (since she was the one that first introduced me to it all) and I began to learn more.

As I learned more about these oils I was also diagnosed with increased intestinal permeability or as many of us know it, leaky gut. Leaky gut has been around for quite awhile but many of us are just learning what this is or why this is even more common these days than ever before. Many issues can be related to leaky gut including autoimmune diseases.1 This can often happen because of high levels of stress, which I had been under massive amounts of for the three years of my degree. I had not only gained almost 20lbs but I developed quite a number of food allergies as well (all related to the leaky gut). My levels of bleakness and apprehension had been continuously growing throughout these three years as well, again another thing related to my leaky gut. I could actually write a lot of pages about what I was dealing with but we'll keep it at that for now. 😉


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