Holistic health coaches (like me!) work with clients to create personalized plans that encompass various aspects of lifestyle; including nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, relationships, and self-care practices. I often emphasize preventive strategies and lifestyle changes to promote long-term health and vitality so that you're empowered to take an active role in your health journey and to make sustainable lifestyle choices that support your overall well-being!


  • 1:1 coaching around autoimmune struggles, pregnancy and postpartum nutrition
  • Group Coaching: This can look different depending upon the season! Currently I'm doing some group coaching with a wonderful group of women on weight loss. 
  • Motherhood holistic health classes: These are a series of classes that my midwife and I are running in the month of May - they will be recorded and can be purchased here 
  • Meal Plans: This can also look different and be custom created depending upon what you might need, just reach out! 


Connect with other people that are looking to heal their gut or talk through some of the holistic healing aspects they are working through!

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Pregnancy Nutrition Consultation
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