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Nourished Motherhood

Are you a making the decision to grow your family? Pregnant and expecting a new baby? Or have kids and are on your postpartum journey? Looking for ways to nourish your body in all these different phases? 
Join our three part series to learn about holistic health during each transition!


Leah Negrin

I grew up in New York State and graduated with my Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition from State University of New York at Stonybrook. Tim, my engineer hubby and I moved down to Palm Beach County a few years ago after traveling the country to figure out where we wanted to settle.

My journey to nutrition started many years ago when my sister was diagnosed with celiac disease and food had to change for the family. From there, along with my own health journey I've been helping people not only figure out what to eat but how to do it so that it can work for them sustainably. For over seven years I've been counseling people on their nutrition and weight loss journeys. 

Since birthing my baby boy at home earlier this year I've been incredibly passionate about helping other women who are pregnant and new mothers with their nutrition. Eating healthy for your pregnant body and your postpartum self is a game changer for both mother and baby.