Products I No Longer Buy For My Family
So many products on the market today are just chemically filled garbage. Unfortunately, companies can throw so many different ingredients into a product and we don't even know what it is. They don't even have to disclose it all and can mark it under "fragrance" and claim it's a "trade secret." The worst part is that this is perfectly legal and is a loophole for companies to not have to disclose what is in their product.

As a mom, it's my job to be the gatekeeper and protect what comes into our home. It has taken me time to learn about products and what I will no longer be purchasing. Not only that, but then it’s important to determine what good quality products are actually out there! I want my family to be in a safe environment that isn't detrimental to our health. Since I am also breastfeeding, everything that goes into my body can be transmitted to my son; no thank you! 

Let’s break it down!

❌ Bleach is an absolutely horrible product and I won’t be using it again. I know it can be used for cleaning, but did you ever notice that your throat or eyes burn after being around this product for too long? Breathing it in over an extended period of time can even increase your risk of cancer. 

❌ Candles are another no go in our home. Candles are full of “fragrance” and contain ingredients that release chemicals into the air that you breathe. Essentially what you’re doing when you light a candle is pumping your home full of chemicals. 

❌ Dawn dish soap contains harmful ingredients that can lead to severe health conditions. Believe it or not, it’s even harmful to wildlife too!

Our laundry room essentials are full of secret ingredients that are so bad for us. My #1 recommendation is to start swapping out these products first; your laundry detergent and dryer sheets! Tide laundry detergent contains harmful ingredients that absorb into your skin and same with dryer sheets. 

When you are ready to make a switch, there’s nothing wrong with doing it slowly. We transitioned our home one product at a time! Don’t forget to avoid the word fragrance in the ingredients list!


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