I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Mom
Becoming a mom has truly been one of the most amazing experiences, but it had a few surprises that I wasn't prepared for. I think there's so much value sharing your experience and things you've learned, so I wanted to share this with you today! I don't want you to view any of these as negative, but rather just changes you might not know!

🎈The way you used to do things will change.

I had heard this before but didn't really want to put much stock into it, as I thought I could control the majority of post baby life - and some of that is still true. However, things really do change. Sometimes it's things like the fact that you can't really get in the same amount of working out that you used to or that you can't just hop on a plane without really thinking about it. 

🎈Motherhood might not always be easy to describe. 

It's not that you can't find some words to describe how it is to have a baby or care for a baby, but often none of them really do it justice. You all of a sudden would do anything for this other human and you literally can't stop staring at how cute they are 😜yet you do still want to do things for yourself too - sometimes it’s hard to find the balance.

🎈There is a death and rebirth that not everyone talks about. 

Some look at it like the death of the maiden self into the matron. And maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But regardless your life is different, you’re not the same woman you were before you gave birth, you’re just not - and that’s okay (in fact it’s more than okay)❤️

🎈You might not need some of the baby gear your friends got for their kiddos. 

Take the time to look a little deeper and be open to the fact that this may change as your baby comes earthside and grows. Do you need that fancy x,y,x that so and so got, that costs $$$ and isn’t actually all that great for your baby? Nahhh I’ll go simple over here❤️

🎈Your body will change. 

Seriously it will. I kind of thought that although my body would be different I could go about working out (after appropriate healing time for my body) and eating the same way as before pregnancy and be able to get back to my pre-baby body. Nope. Not the case for me, hormones do funny things to the body and are differently set up for each person. 

If you're a new mom, it's going to experience all the emotions and things that come along with it! Becoming a mom is a HUGE transition, but truly in the best way!


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