Nourishing Your Body While Pregnant
I want to preface this post by saying that everyone’s pregnancy is different! Our bodies all handle pregnancy in their own way. With that being said though, I loved being pregnant.

I’m not saying it wasn’t hard at times, of course there were those moments where I didn’t quite look pregnant, but definitely didn’t fit into any of my clothes anymore (apparently I liked to wear tight things) or couldn’t fly anymore because it was kind of past the ‘safe’ point.

A lot of women I had met over the years were less than thrilled with being pregnant, either they were mad they couldn’t have sushi (spoiler alert you can), or drink alcohol (this one is a little more dicey) or do all the things they used to do while not being pregnant. Some women just felt so achy and overwhelmed plus there was the feeling of just being SO BIG!

But again for me, I felt pretty damn good right up until the last few days before going into labor. I definitely attribute that to my workouts, water intake, meditations, supplements and largely, my food. (When I was writing this it autocorrected to god so let’s throw that in there too). I’m not saying it was perfect all the time (nope), but I put a lot of work into making sure I got a lot of high quality nutrient dense food.

Food has always been a huge focus for me to help with my autoimmune. I really wanted to focus on food during my pregnancy because I know how well the right foods serve my body. What we put into our body helps give us the energy we need (which we really need during pregnancy!), but knowing what food serves your body is key.

I know that a lot of women don’t always know the ins and outs of food and what can really help you and your baby. I’ve decided that I’m putting together a pregnancy guide that outlines a whole boatload of information!

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