Happy January 1st!
Happy New Years!

As we all know it's been quite the year. No matter what you think of it of what perceived 'side' of things you might be sitting on; it's been a strange one. But there also have been magical events too-weddings of close friends, my own engagement, beautiful babies born and more. I am always one to look at the bright side of things, and when I find myself unable to do that, I zone out for a little while before I pick back up. But I digress, there are so many things that I could chat about and share knowledge around on this first day of 2021 but I'm choosing to look at traditions.

Whenever I hear the word tradition, I automatically go straight to wanting to sing it Fiddler on the Roof style but often refrain depending upon my audience 🤣. This year I have created a few new traditions and for New Years Eve that is no exception. There is a Spanish tradition known as las doce uvas de la suerta (the 12 lucky grapes) which says that eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight (one for each chime of the clock) will bring good luck in the coming year. The 12 also symbolizes each month of the Gregorian calendar year.

So I decided in addition to my champagne toast at midnight I would add in this wonderful grape tradition-since WAY back my ancestors were in Spain, might as well toast to them! 😀🥂

Do you have any fun or meaningful New Years Eve traditions that you rock?! 🎉


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