Comfort Food
Comfort food

Comfort food is defined as a food that provides a feeling of consolation or a feeling of happiness and they often contain high sugar, processed ingredients or they're simply incredibly decadent in large amounts.  

Do you have different types of food that bring you that delicious feeling of calm? Or items that bring you right back to when you used to eat them regularly, whether as a kid or simply your junk food fix you used to have? The other night I was feeling nostalgic (I feel a lot these days as working through grief) and I thought, how can I bring myself back to a beautiful memory that helps me feel all warm inside? I went for some cinnamon toast. This brings me right back to sitting at the kitchen table when we would eat with breakfast with the family. We would toast that whole wheat bread with butter, cinnamon and a little bit of sugar sprinkled on top. 

These days, I edited this to bring that comfort (emotional eating is a whole other topic for a different day) back with gluten free bread, non-dairy organic Miyoko's butter (one of the best non-dairy butters ingredient wise), organic cinnamon and a small amount of vanilla sugar from the Savannah Salt table (their salts are amazing too!). I don't really advocate for eating any actual sugar but every once and awhile I let that happen. 

Do you have a comfort food that you go to? or one that you make healthier too? 


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