Foods to Support Your Breastfeeding Journey
Did you know that certain foods can support your body during your postpartum and breastfeeding journey? It’s truly amazing what food can do for your body when you nourish it properly! 

There are so many different thoughts around breastfeeding and your postpartum recovery, but it’s important to find what works best for you. This is what helped me in my experience and I think there’s so much value in hearing about other mother’s experiences, but it’s even more important to lean into your own body and listen to your instincts!

Many women focus on warming foods, described in the most simplistic way, you had a baby furnace in your body and now you don't! (spoiler there is a lot more to it but we're keeping it simple!). The warmth allows your energy to flow freely through your body providing wellbeing and a sense of comfort; like being swaddled in a blanket!

👉When I was still in the recovery depths, right after birth I made sure we had soups on hand in order to warm my body as it got used to not having a little one in there. One of my favorites was a take on a potato leek soup! These are great to prep ahead of time too and be able to warm up as needed.

👉Another one was energy balls, I actually loooooved these during labor, well as much as I was eating over those hours anyway! They're not the MOST nutritious but they taste delicious and bring me joy. It’s nice to have things on hand that you can quickly grab and eat because this can be a stage where you might not be able to cook much!

I share these recipes and so much more in my breastfeeding guide for new moms that you can grab here!


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