What Does Fall Mean to You?
Way back when we spent a lot more time 'on the land' or integrated with the Earth we knew the cycle of the days, whether that was related to how we were planting our food or when we might start a migration pattern. These days we're often a lot less aware of the cycles, other than - it's fall time, what cute sweaters and boots can I wear?! (to be fair, I miss the Fall season living in Florida and absolutely still lean into and enjoy wearing cute fall outfits when I go North 😄) but there's also a deeper layer to it.

The Fall equinox can mean different things to different people, it's generally looked at as when the days become shorter than the nights and on the equinox (literally meaning equal night in latin) the day and the night are roughly the same.

It's also a season when many people begin to take time for self-reflection, as it's the season of harvest we can look around at what we might have gained over the last months and what we might be shedding, as we also see the trees shed their leaves (well in the North, not so much in Florida 😜).

This time of year is also the Jewish New Year, which is a time for closing out the year and rebirthing into the next.

To me each day is a way to shed a layer surrounding yourself and what it means to be a mother vs a maiden. Watching my baby grow (literally each day he looks a little different!), hearing his new sounds, watching him try new things, makes me pause and relish in the moments, the same way sitting among the trees and watching their leaves fall once did.

What does fall mean to you?🍂


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