Unconventional Products That Were so Helpful as a New Mom
There are so many things I thought I'd need for after birth that really ended up not mattering very much at all, and then there have been some things that have been absolute game changers. 

I could go on and on about this but thought I’d share just a few that I have found so helpful! 

First of all, get yourself a good set of hair clips, and thank me later. Yup, that’s a thing, and it's pretty critical believe it or not. When it comes to bed-sharing or a handsy infant, having something to hold your hair up (without the constant slipping down and the need to redo)  is really important!

I have A LOT of hair and I have continually struggled to find clips that hold it up well, but not anymore! These ones from @mykitsch are amazing and hold alllllll my hair. 

Second is this sweatshirt My friend @katieospina shared in her Instagram stories. I knew right away I had to have it! With the AC on, I am someone who always needs to be covered with long sleeves to keep warm, especially at night.

I thought throughout my breastfeeding journey I was going to be confined to sweatshirts with an open chest and then I’d be freezing, but nope! This sweatshirt came to my rescue! 

I’m not saying it’s the best, most perfectly organic material, but I needed it and have been so thankful for this soft, warm top making it so convenient to feed my little munchkin.

 While creating my registry I had every plan to not put my munchkin in a lot of confined baby chairs or bouncy things etc. but I thought I’d get at least one in case we needed it from time to time. On someone else’s registry, I found this one and decided to put it on my registry as well.

 I am so so so beyond glad I did because the times I can count where has come in handy, wow!!!!  I mostly wear my baby, but while I’m cooking or sometimes while we’re out to eat this little chair has been an absolute game-changer!

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