Ways to Effortlessly Nurse in Public
Nursing in public can sometimes feel a little overwhelming and stressful, but is a a natural and important part of caring for infants. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different thoughts and feelings around breastfeeding in public. I've always been the, 'every woman should do what she wants and feels good doing' type of person with this, as it truly is the mother's decision.

The goal is for you to feel comfortable and empowered to breastfeed your baby whenever and wherever you need to. If you feel comfortable doing so in public, great! But if you are someone who doesn’t feel comfortable nursing in public, that’s okay too! My stance is that baby’s got to eat regardless of where we are.

If you're not exactly one of those types or aren't sure yet what type of nursing mom you might be, here are some tips that can be helpful!

✨ My first tip is to dress comfortably and in a way that allows you to easily nurse. There are great clothing options you can grab to dress for success!
Nursing tops or tops that make it easy to nurse are helpful.
✨ If you prefer to use a cover, make sure to use one that is loose and well ventilated. It can quickly become a hot and sweaty situation for mom and
✨ Wearing baby in a sling or wrap to nurse is a great option too and is comfortable for both of you.
✨ Depending where you are, you can ask for special accommodations; many places have nursing stations!

In summary, it's important to do what is most comfortable for YOU. Breastfeeding is a beautiful, natural part of caring for your child.

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