The Autoimmune Mindset
The autoimmune mindset is something that can be complicated and depending how you look at it, can have certain effects on your overall health.

In fact for many people, when we believe our own body is attacking us we not only hinder our healing process, but often feel our body betrayed us and we become the scapegoat for this 'disease'.

So do we have a condition or not?

Let me ask you this…. does it really matter?

For me, it didn't. I realized that I definitely had something going on that needed healing. I needed to clean up my act and treat my body and mind with respect.

I wasn’t feeling well and knew that if I didn’t make a change and take care of myself that nothing was going to get better. Whether I wear that label of having an “autoimmune” or not, I want to prioritize and take care of myself.

The first few things I did were diet, movement and mindset related and to this day those are a daily focus in my day to day life (even as a mom!).

✨Wahls Protocol. This protocol has been life changing for thousands around the world in healing different autoimmune conditions.
✨ I make sure to get in movement, everyday. Even if it was a short walk, or a quick arms workout - it helped so much mentally and physically!
✨ The way we think about things really matters. It's not just, oh think positive and everything will be alright, but it's deeper than that. Truly deeply believing and knowing that your body can heal itself has been shown in many cases (think Joe Dispenza) to actually heal your body (I do believe along with food choices, toxin reduction, movement and more).

I’ve made many strides towards better health and changes in my life so that I’m able to feel good and at the end of the day, that’s what matters to me.


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