Nutrition Tips for Pregnant Mamas
Hey pregnant ladies, I see you over there juggling a million thoughts at once all while growing your human and getting ready for them to come Earthside. It can get overwhelming at first! You’re trying to make all the “right” decisions and do the best things for you and your baby, but Google can lead you down a spiraling path.

I actually used to think about all the crazy things I’d eat when I was pregnant because I didn’t have to worry about gaining weight or being skinny. Obviously I was going to gain weight anyway so let's live it up! While this is a nice thought, those “garbage” foods aren’t going to provide much nourishment to your or baby. Often times they leave you feeling worse! This was just an initial thought haha, I truly wanted to do what would serve my body and baby.

When I was pregnant I definitely thought a ton about the different things i was eating! Growing a baby is important work! I did a lot of research and really upped my game a bit too (gotta keep a growing baby healthy!) It’s funny how these things change over the years and through different parts of motherhood.

There are many different view points on what a pregnant woman should eat but some of the important ones are (THIS is in NO WAY an exhaustive list but keeping it short!):

✨Vitamin A
✨Folate (don’t confuse with folic acid!)

All of these nutrients are important for a pregnant mom and provide a lot of nourishment to baby as well! They can help in so many aspects of development including potentially preventing birth defects. When it comes to being pregnant, your body is doing so much already that it’s important to eat good foods to give your body the energy it needs. Growing a baby is a full time job!

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