Ways to Support Your Lymphatic System
Do you know the importance your lymphatic system plays on your health?

To be a little 'medical', the lymphatic system is integral to maintaining the body's immune response, fluid balance, and overall health. It is an interconnected network of vessels, nodes, and organs that ensures a coordinated and effective defense against infections and supports various physiological processes.

I know it sounds overwhelming, but basically it helps your body process fluid, protect your immune system, balance your hormones and can even have an impact on joint health. It’s safe to say it’s pretty important!

To support my lymphatic system I love massaging my body with a blend from Young Living.

The oils in the Cel-Lite Magic blend (from Young Living that I love!) are seriously amazing at supporting your lymphatic system and your body! You can also add more cypress to this for some extra “ooomph.”

✨Grapefruit essential oil has a fresh, uplifting aroma and provides cleansing properties.

✨Cypress essential oil has a clean, evergreen aroma that can be used aromatically to create an ambience of security and grounding. Applied topically, it has benefits for skin, hair, and scalp.

✨Juniper essential oil beautifies and tones the skin when applied topically, making it a great addition to lymphatic and post-workout massage oil blends.

✨Cedarwood essential oil has a calming and soothing aroma, and it promotes the appearance of healthy skin, hair, and scalp when applied topically.

How do I recommend using this blend? Glad you asked! Apply Cel-Lite Magic following a shower, bath, or dry-brushing to replenish dry skin for a youthful glow (I’m all about dry brushing and I talk more about it here!). Use it as part of a pampering massage to soothe fatigued muscles, everyday aches, and general discomfort too!

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