It's odd, usually I have a good Sunday, and don't really mind the upcoming Monday. I wouldn't say I jump up and down with excitement for work the next day but I don't dread it either. I've had many jobs that in fact I did dread, I would get that deep anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach and just a level of darkness that would make it hard to see the light. So when my Sunday was darker yesterday than normal I was not entirely looking forward to today, Monday.

The day started a bit rough, I couldn't seem to pick up out of the darkness, no matter with what oils, foods, books or conversations I was having with friends. But finally, in the afternoon after I woke up from my 20 minute nap I had a wonderful message from one of my oily friends, basically showing that she cared and helping me think through some of the business blocks I was having. 

When I feel these blocks it tends to resonate with my personal life as well, so it all feels intertwined. Today I had to decide; do I wallow or do I get up and  make things happen for myself? 

I chose not to wallow! And to pick myself up and think about it all like this, it might be a hard time right now , things might not be perfect, maybe business or my personal life aren't where I thought they would be but bottom line, I'm working on it. I'm moving forward, focusing on my personal development and making sure that I don't fall back down, but instead keep rising up. 

Top four things that brought me happiness on this Monday
  • Oiling up! #believeoilforthewin
  • Getting to a spin class with my co-worker! 
  • Taking action! I managed to stop the wallowing, contact my friends and people from my team and get things moving!  ðŸ‘‘💃
  • Getting up early this morning and getting to a new coffee shop! I find that getting out of the house and exploring my still new hood is always really helpful when things can seem a bit darker.  
What is one thing you do to beat the Monday Monster?! 👻 ❤️‍❤️‍👻


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