Motherhood Mindset
I thought I was sensitive before I became a mom; I didn’t really like scary movies or any with violence or a lot of death but since becoming a mom this has intensified A LOT. Often I won’t even watch new movies or shows because I don’t know how they end or if anyone dies in them.

So along with all of the beautiful feelings that motherhood can give you, there often comes a heightened sensitivity to the challenges and injustices that permeate our world. The sadness, whether that’s in a movie or in real life hits us like a wave, leaving us feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed.

Some ways that help me with these aspects:

🌞 GET OUTSIDE - I do not do this enough. Even if generally I do it once a day, my goal for this month is twice a day - even if just for a few minutes to let the sun hit my skin

📰 DO NOT consume news media - okay there are varying degrees around this - can you find out what is going on in a way that doesn’t leave you having a lot of stress? Then go for it. I used to just have my hubby tell me the highlights, so he knew the depth and I didn’t have to live in the negative space; find what works for you, but blanket statement, do NOT watch the news.

🏃🏻‍♀️MOVE your body- however that works for you! Some people run, some walk, some yoga, some peloton - you get the idea.

📖 Immerse yourself in something you love to do. For me, this is definitely reading, watching SATC for the 100,000 time, eating at my favorite restaurant and whatever else calls me at the time.

As we know life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine but finding the joy where you can is really helpful!❤️


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