💔My heart is heavy. I thought it was just me being a lazy piece of garbage. But I realized something while on my Peloton (#massiveblessing) not only do I never talk to myself in such harsh words (so why was I right now?) but I have been feeling the weight of everything happening in this world, it's not just me being lazy.⁣

I normally find the positive in even the worst situations, even if the positive is ‘the sky is blue’ or ‘I own some nice clothing’ whatever it might be, but the end of this week just proved too much for my positivity to shine through. ⁣

I didn’t workout for two days, I didn’t sit at my desk (my desk for the last two days was my couch in a laying down position), and I didn't work on my business. I ate vegetables but not in any real intentional way. I couldn’t climb out of my hole. Now I know MANY people have it so much worse, hello look at what is going on right now and has been for so long, but I just couldn’t climb out. ⁣

So I wanted to share in case some others were feeling it too. If others couldn’t climb out of their holes even though we "should" be able to, we have so much to be grateful for and yet sometimes it still is hard. Normally diving into meditation, movement and cooking yummy nourishing meals brings me out, but that didn’t do it this week. I needed to sit still. So I laid down and let myself feel it all. ⁣

But today is a new day and so I got on that bike 🚴‍♀️ and I’m still fighting through the feelings, but I’m here and you can be too. What’s your one small thing today that you can do to help pull yourself out or something you did when you were feelin' all the feels?⁣

🎇Hint: could be something like drink extra water, watch 9 episodes instead of 10 of that show you’ve been binge watching for the 15th time (oops 🤷🏻‍♀️), eat an extra vegetable-anything that starts your road back to feeling just a little bitter better💖


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