What are Galactagogues!?
You might be like, what on Earth are these?! The first time I heard the word I thought they said Galápagos Islands!🤣

Galactagogues a group of foods and herbs that CAN help with your milk supply if you’re breastfeeding. There isn't one magic pill for regulating breast milk, but there are some different things that can help.

As a breastfeeding mom, one of the main things we worry about is our supply and if we have enough for our baby. There are many things that can contribute to a healthy supply, but food can be a great resource to try.

You’re going to be hungry constantly so finding ways to satiate you and support your supply are great! Making sure that you’re eating properly and taking care of yourself is equally important and staying hydrated too!
It's important to remember that every woman is different and can have different responses to these foods/herbs. 

While these foods are generally considered safe to include in a balanced diet, it's important to consult with a healthcare provider before making significant dietary changes, especially if you have allergies, medical conditions, or concerns about your milk supply. Additionally, focusing on a well-rounded and nutritious diet overall is key to supporting lactation and overall maternal health.

There are several different types of galactagogues, including: 
✨ Oats
✨ Barley
✨ Fenugreek
✨ Fennell
✨ Brewer's Yeast

Certain foods and spices might not work for you, and that's okay! I don’t consume gluten so barley was out for me! Sometimes it's trial and error and that's how it goes. Introduce different foods into your diet slowly to determine which ones work the best for you.

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