Monday Time!

Mondays can be awesome. ⁣

They are a start to the new week, a way to re-energize yourself for things to come and a new chance to make positive things happen in your life. I bet we all can sink into that feeling of starting something new and how exciting that can be! Whether that's getting a new puppy, a new book, a new car or house-these are all new adventures that we take on with an excitement that isn't always present as you go through having these things for a long time. It's not that you love that puppy any less or anything but let's recall that new feeling; the excitement and joy that holds true even when that dog is driving you crazy! ⁣

Welcome to the Monday excited feelings! ⁣

Drop an emoji below if you're doing something new and exciting this week, even if it's something small like a new flavor of tea, a new type of workout, a new place to get your walk in or a new song or album that you've been rocking out to! Bonus points if you share what that is because I definitely need to push myself into some new music 😆⁣

"Make Monday the start of something wonderful"⁣


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