The Importance of Nutrition for a Breastfeeding Mom
Proper nutrition for every human is important, but especially for those with an autoimmune and definitely for breastfeeding mamas! When you are breastfeeding, your body is working overtime to nourish you AND your baby. That means it’s totally normal for you to be hungrier than normal!

Eating nutrient dense foods while breastfeeding helps maintain an adequate milk supply, provides essential nutrients for the baby's growth, and supports your overall well-being. When you're breastfeeding, there is an increased need for calories, so it's important to listen to your hunger cues and stay hydrated. I make sure to keep water close by at all times. This makes it easy to drink and keeping things easy is key as a busy mom! It’s also great to keep simple snacks and things around the house as well incase you find yourself under a nursing or sleeping baby and need food.

Having an autoimmune just adds another layer because we need to stay healthy to avoid any issues. Focusing on foods no matter what autoimmune you might have is hugely important as these nutrients help with energy and brain fog (to name a few things). Focus on eating what feels good to you and serves your body well; this is different for everyone!

There are some main nutrients that are important to focus on when it comes to food choices while breastfeeding: (spoiler these are similar to the important ones while pregnant and growing that baby too!)

- Omega-3s
- Iodine
- Choline
- Vitamin D
- BVitamins

If you’re struggling with ideas, here are a few to help; nuts and seeds, organ meats, eggs, beans, whole grains, avocados, berries, yogurt, leafy greens. Don’t forget though to focus on what fuels your body and doesn’t cause any flare ups! It’s so important to fuel your body with good foods and this is dependent upon each mama.

I created a guide for Breastfeeding moms to support you along your journey to educate you and remove the overwhelm and the 2am google search! It's packed with recipes, resources and more to encourage you! Grab it here and start learning today!


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