Toxins in Baby Products
Before we found out we were expecting, I knew there were certain products I didn't want to use because I had learned so much about them and what was in them. Being someone who has an autoimmune, it's so important to me to put good products in my body and I wanted the same for my baby!

I choose to use Young Living products for our family because I've done a lot research and I trust this company and what they create (I have even been to a few of their farms). Their products are free of fragrances and other harmful chemicals that can cause more irritation and issues with baby.

Here are a just a few products I don’t use and why! 

✨Water Wipes

You’d think they'd just have water in them right, nope they have several ingredients including, FRAGRANCE! We avoid "fragrance" because it's how companies can put harmful ingredients in their product and not have to disclose what it actually is.


This is definitely something we didn't know wasn't so hot to use when we were growing up, but in fact, it's not really the best at all! It has petrolatum (petroleum, which studies suggest that exposure to PAHs are associated with cancer), dimethicone (dries out skin and it's the main ingredient in the endocrine disruptor known as siloxane, a synthetic silicone-oxygen hybrid), and PEG-30 dipolyhydroxystearate (its starting materials are highly toxic to humans and are known to have carcinogenic properties). So no thanks.

✨Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo

The amount of things I could say about J&Js 'baby' products and just how toxic they are, without even going into the cancer lawsuits they have going for their baby powder, but I won't or we'd be here all day. Just know that it's full of harmful ingredients and we refuse to use all of the products created by them.

The #1 recommendation I can make is to just be mindful of what's in the products you use! The #1 thing I look at is the ingredients list and if I see the word fragrance, it’s a no.


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