Monday Monster time! Today has actually been a wonderful day, nothing overly spectacular but at the same time, peaceful and accomplished. I normally struggle through Mondays (hence the weekly post) with more negative feelings than positive-even though I do like my jobs and my life. Prior to this recent time spent in 🥑California🌅, Mondays would be a struggle but last Monday really wasn't and frankly this one hasn't been either. I think if I had another Monday in 🥑California🌅 I'd have to change the structure of my posts! (So when I do move here, look out for that!) This morning work threw me a small curve ball, I could have teared up or given up, but I didn't. I help strong and had a great day!-It was like the negative thought didn't even hit my forcefield of upbeat thoughts!   

I am often able to share most when I'm not feeling so upbeat, the feelings are more translatable I think, than simply feeling happy. Some of us struggle or used to struggle with how it really is okay to feel happy (even if there are horrible things going on in the world), that spreading the happy vibes helps those around you, almost like pay it forward with your smile or kind actions.  ❤️‍❤️‍

Top three things that brought me happiness on this Monday
  • Oiling up! #believeoilforthewin
  • Going live with my one of my oily friends, Caitlin-so much fun to share amazing things that help people!  
  • Keeping any small negative or stressful thoughts out of my brain!👑💃
What is one thing you did today to beat the Monday Monster?! 👻 ❤️‍❤️‍👻


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