Importance of B Vitamins During Pregnancy
Nutrition is such a hot topic when you are expecting, there is so much information out there about vitamin needs during pregnancy that it can be overwhelming! 

Let’s break down some of the vitamins that are important for pregnant mamas.

One of the B vitamins that is really important for pregnancy (and let's be real a ton of other ones do too) is Folate or Vitamin B9.

This vitamin helps prevent birth defects and healthy cell division.

HOWEVER.... do not confuse this with folic acid, the synthetic form of folate that is present in many prenatal vitamins.

Many people have what’s known as the MTHFR gene variation (that we talked about earlier this month) which means that up to 60% of the population is unable to use the synthetic form of folate. 

During pregnancy, it is generally recommended that women consume an adequate amount of Folate through their diet or supplements to support the health and development of both the mother and baby. Folate needs can vary among individuals, so it's important for pregnant women to discuss their specific dietary and nutritional requirements with their healthcare team to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

It's worth noting that folate is primarily found in foods, such as beef liver, lentils, asparagus, eggs, and raw spinach.

I'm in the process of creating a guide all around nutrition and support for pregnant women to help you during your journey so comment below if you want to be added to the list! 🫶


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