The Benefits of Deep Breathing
Stress has become such a commonplace part of our every day lives. So many things running through our mental checklists at all times, "Did I remember to get something out for dinner? Why didn't my baby sleep well last night? Did I take my supplements this morning?"

I wanted to share an intentional way for you to focus on relaxing your mind throughout the course of your day. This easy-to-implement habit will help to mitigate stress and improve your overall well-being. 

Breathing! - we do it everyday, but can we do it better?

There are so many benefits and even different ways to be intentional with it. 

Like yes we breathe everyday at every moment but when you take time to do that slow, deep and intentional breathing it’s an amazing impact on your mind and body ❤️

Deep breathing is the act of slowing down your breath and relaxing your mind.

How can deep breathing help me?

What comes to mind when you think of deep breathing? Things like meditations and yoga?

Did you know it’s actually beneficial for everyone and can be done in any setting?

Taking a moment everyday to do a simple guided breathing technique can have huge positive effects on your body and overall health!

The more oxygen in your blood, the more energy you’ll have; I know we could all use that! 

When the afternoon slump hits, take a minute to take a few deep breaths 💕 you’ll be amazed at the feeling. 

Do you take time for deep breathing?


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