The Many Thoughts of Motherhood
One thing that has changed since becoming a mom is that my brain never stops anymore. Not to be dramatic, but it can get overwhelming sometimes! Whether I’m trying to relax or sleep at night, I always have a million different thoughts running through my mind.

Sometimes you really want to sleep and yet somehow you just can't shut your mind off. It doesn't always happen when you've just had a baby, but that is definitely a time it has happened for me. I'll be laying there knowing I just need to close my eyes, but then alllllllll the things just keep popping into my mind. Did I eat that yogurt that was going to expire tomorrow? How much water did I drink today? Is my computer unplugged or plugged in? It’s always the most random thoughts!

Before giving birth if I woke up with all of the things going on in my mind I'd just throw some peace and calming essential oil on and my sleep stories from the Calm app and be good to go! But with a little one, that doesn't exactly work (think can't move your body when they're sleeping!) so it's up to my mind to slow down and get back to sleep. Sometimes I try to just focus on one simple thing to quiet my mind.

This is still a great resource to use during the day though when I’m not trying to sleep! I love to apply an oil to help calm my mind like peace and calming or lavender when I need to quiet my mind and breathe. If I have a sleeping baby on me, I can use my app quietly or try to just close my eyes and focus on being still. It can definitely be hard some days, but it’s important to find something that works best for you!


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