Ways to Give Your Body a Little Love
Autoimmune isn’t a word I really like to use when it comes to describing different conditions. In fact there are so many different thoughts and feelings around the word autoimmune. Some define it as your immune system mistaking parts of your body as foreign and therefore attacking healthy cells by releasing proteins known as autoantibodies.

Others say, not so much. In fact, when we believe our own body is attacking us we not only hinder our healing process, but often feel our body betrayed us and we become the scapegoat for this 'disease'. 

When the medical industry cannot seem to figure out what is causing symptoms like fatigue, inflammation, dizziness, aches & pains it gets labeled as an autoimmune condition.

I know that because of my autoimmune (and the fact that I breastfeed too!) my body needs some extra TLC and that's my focus. I take care of myself for my son and I attempt to ignore what anyone else thinks or says and you should do the same! 

The #1 concern as someone who has an autoimmune is to take the extra measures needed to take care of you.

Here's three ways I make sure to give my body some TLC: 


If you know anything about me, you know that food is my number one thing I go to when it comes to healing anything or simply feeling better. I truly believe that there is not one particular diet that literally works for everyone, however there are some overall ideas that typically help us all.


I never, ever, ever leave home without them. There are many uses for each one but some of the ones I carry with me for that extra TLC are lavender, believe blend, RC, lemon and white angelica.


Hydration is super key for every single person. There is the balance of electrolytes when drinking water (I used LMNT) and you can drink too much water (yup this does happen), but for many people they're not getting enough. The general guideline for most is to take half your body weight, and drink that amount in ounces of water.

PS: these are things we can all benefit from; even if you don't have an autoimmune!


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