Immune System Series. Post #1
Immune system, did you know what that was before this year or just figured it was some part of your body that was important? 🤣 

So for quick reference your immune system is made up of many moving parts but we'll focus on white blood cells (leukocytes) for this post, or we might be here forever. So why do these even matter?! Oh the list goes on for that too but short version:

Leukocytes are kind of like little awesome police officers that circulate in the body's blood vessels, looking for harmful pathogens to remove.🚨 When they find the perpetrator they multiply and send signals out for other cells to do the same-almost like amassing the army to fight for your health💪

Our police force is stored in different parts of the body that are a part of the lymphatic system:

👉Spleen: Ever wondered what the hell is your spleen is for?!-well it filters your blood, so it takes some of the those pathogens that can be present and helps your body filter them out.

👉Lymph nodes: You might have heard of these, especially if you're feeling like you're coming down with something, you lymph nodes on your neck often swell and give you a sign to start taking care of yourself so they can finish the fight. These are all linked up by lymphatic vessels all throughout the body.

👉Bone marrow: This is complex but short version; bone marrow is the viscous tissue that fills the inside of your bones. It has a multitude of functions but in terms of immune support there are red blood cells which bring oxygen rich blood to our cells to function and white blood cells that help our bodies fight off infection.

👉Thymus: As much of our body, this organ is complex too. Within the thymus there are T-cells which help the body fight off these harmful pathogens and it is also home to some macrophages (these bad boys are known as the garbage trucks🗑️because they eat any foreign matter).      

So now that we know a little bit about what is present in our bodies to help us fight off those nasty pathogens, I'm going to be sharing over this next week a bit more about ways you help your body rock!  Did you know any of this info? Does it interest you the way it does me? Share away 😀


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