How to Make Cluster feeding More Manageable
Cluster feeding is when your baby has a lot of feeds in a short amount of time. It can definitely feel taxing on your body and can cause you to feel a little overwhelmed.

I remember when my little guy had moments of eating non-stop for what felt like forever, of course it is not forever, but in the moment that’s how it felt. It’s normal to forget that cluster feeding is a thing (I know I did) and that in fact there isn’t anything wrong with him or me, it's just how babies do life!

So how can you make cluster feeding a little more manageable?

✨ keep water and snacks nearby
✨ have a station set up with things to entertain you (in reality this is multiple stations for me😜)
✨ change positions when you can (I like to alternate boobs, helps regulate flow plus keeps the boobs a bit more even 😆)
✨ plan ahead (go to the bathroom, make sure your water is filled)

It’s so important to ask for help when your baby is cluster feeding because your focus is solely on feeding baby during this time. If you need someone to hold baby for a moment or two in-between feeds or someone to get you a snack or fill your water; that’s okay! You’re going to be so glad you asked for help.

I think of the most important things I've learned/been reminded of when it comes to caring for a baby is to just pay attention and think about what could be going on. This sweet little baby is so new and just getting used to life outside the womb! As new parents, we have a tendency to jump to the worst case scenario, when that isn't always the case. Definitely learning as we go!

Breastfeeding can be a little stressful at first, which is why I created a resource just for breastfeeding moms packed with tips and resources to support you along your journey! Grab it here!


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