Ways to Manage the Holiday and Feel Good
The holidays can be a hard time of year for many of us! From all the celebrations, parties and get togethers with yummy food and drinks, it can wreak havoc on our bodies. This year, I’m sharing a few tips to help you enjoy the season and feel good!

There have been so many years where I’ve been like, whatever let me just enjoy, but I’ve paid the price. Now I work to enjoy my holidays without going off the rails with food and drinks. It’s made a big difference in my overall health and no reason to start the year off feeling like garbage. We want to be able to start the year off feeling good and ready for a new year!

One of the things you might not be doing is breathing. Now clearly you’re breathing, but are you taking time to deep breathe? To really pause and breathe in and breathe out? Probably not, and boy does this make a difference. It reduces your cortisol levels, and although cortisol is needed at different times for different things, living in a constant state of stress does not help your body at all and can cause you to retain weight that you might otherwise not.

Another thing you might not be doing is making the healthiest of food options. I know there are so many good foods to enjoy, but it’s important to get a few good things in your diet too! I know there are typically a bunch of foods around that aren’t so healthy for you, cue every holiday cookie and boozy drink that’s served at all the different events you might be attending.

You can bring your own food, you can choose the healthier option out of everything (think the salad that is served or those veggies that likely not as many people will be grabbing for). There’s also the trusted, take a few spoonfuls of everything and eat slowly and mindfully enjoying each bite-but this is often hard for people so I don’t always suggest it.

Lastly, you likely aren’t making a plan. Yup this can be annoying for sure but it truly can be really helpful when it comes to getting through the holidays without feeling like total garbage come January 1.

So what are you going to do next holiday to make it easier for your body?


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