Your Pregnancy, Your Call
When I was pregnant I was on the research train. I found comfort in reading different books, looking at different studies that had been run and immersing myself into the local birth community.

Some people don't find the comfort in looking into all the different procedures that certain providers will say are 'necessary' (spoiler they aren't always and sometimes they are) I found my research to be extremely empowering as well as at the same time disheartening, especially with what certain birth experiences are today in the modern western society.

There were many different things that I learned, I was going to try to find the top 5 from my pregnancy journal but honestly it is hard to say what those would be so I picked a few and shared them here:

➡️Trust your body. I know it can seem scary, but your body is amazing and was made to do this!

➡️Birth should be in whatever position YOU want it to be, not what someone says is “the policy.” You are allowed to try different positions and move around as you see fit and what’s comfortable for you.

➡️Having support that you choose and feel good about is KEY. It’s more than just your family and friends! Finding a care team that you can confide in and ask questions about your whole journey makes all the difference.

➡️YOU don't have to listen to anyone's "advice" or horror stories from their experiences that you don't want to. I remember hearing all the stories once people found out I was pregnant and I would just politely decline or remove myself from the situation.

➡️YOU are in control of a lot more than you might have been led to believe......

See a pattern!? When it comes to your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey YOU are in charge. It’s so important to find a care team that works with you and supports your decisions. There’s so much value in being educated and knowing what questions to ask.


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