How Your Gut Affects Your Mood
Your gut health can affect so many different parts of your body and it's likely more than you realize. Often times we think it just affects our physical body or the way we feel, but it's so much more than that!

We've been talking about the gut-brain axis and how it relates to immune health and then some! I was browsing some studies on PubMed at 3am (as one does🤣) and found a really interesting one on the research around depressive disorders.

Your gut microbes can actually contribute to immune responses and a chronic inflammatory state may lead to increased responsiveness to stress and lead to the development of major depressive disorder.

So that's a big deal! The gut-brain axis is sensitive to stress and is important in the development of stress-related disorders. Communication between the gut and brain involves so many different systems in your body and all of these can interact with the gut microbiota. Studies have shown that with the introduction of pre/probiotics to the gut that the mood actually improved!

Bottom line, gut health REALLY matters!

With that being said, it’s so important that we take proper care of your gut and food is a huge factor.  So let's talk about a few of the top foods that I like to incorporate when it comes to my gut.

~ Fermented foods like pickled veggies (think beets, onions, carrots-you name it!)

~ Coconut yogurt- I like the brands with as few additives as possible! (bonus for a dessert, I add cocao powder and it's like a chocolate mouse!)

~ Kombucha-I'm careful with this too-there are certain ones with less sugar as they alter the fermentation process, so you still get some of that gut goodness but without a lot of sugar!

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