Nutrition Tips for Pregnant Mamas
As someone who is passionate about nutrition and has been pregnant before, I find it hard to believe the lack of education when it comes to nourishing your body while pregnant. Especially when it comes to gut health which plays a HUGE role in your body and overall health.

When I was taking microbiology for my nutrition and dietetics degree we talked about the different bacteria present in our gut, but that the science was really new and we didn’t know too much. That statement is still being said today, and in theory, still true. I don’t think we’ll ever know literally everything about the body, but we do know that certain strains of bacteria have been shown to be present or not present during certain health conditions.

When you are pregnant, your body is constantly changing and you have the potential to be given different diagnoses that you might not normally be when you aren’t pregnant.  One of those diagnoses is gestational diabetes. It’s actually been observed that pregnant women who have gestational diabetes have different levels of certain bacteria in their gut throughout their pregnancy. One specific bacteria is important and aids in breaking down fiber in your diet to help promote gut balance; which means it's important! Consuming a fiber-rich, balanced diet can help support the levels of this helpful microorganism.

Another study showed that a diet packed with fiber, legumes, vegetable, fruit, and nut intake are associated with an increase in butyrate; a powerhouse for pregnant mamas (We talked about butyrate last week!)

So bottom line, balancing out some of those fruits and veggies, along with other nutrient dense foods can be really helpful when it comes to keeping your microbiome healthy during pregnancy!

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