Making Love
💕As most people are aware today is Valentine's Day💕 When I was young I would desire (not straight up demand but feel unloved if I didn't get them) flowers, jewelry, chocolates, a night out-the works! Now I'm all like, yes let's go out to eat (because truly there isn't a day I don't want to eat delicious food😉) but if you'd like to spend a lot of money just buy me a plane ticket instead mmm k?🧑‍✈️

This morning I was listening to one of my favorite personal development businessmen, Darren Hardy, and he had the most beautiful message about making love. I jumped at the title of the email, because well, think about it 🤣💕 but the email was a video of Darren (from his Darren Daily) that talked about the small things that can bring joy to people's lives

It doesn't have to be this big huge romantic love gesture but it can be little acts of love! Some simple examples:

👉holding the door for someone
👉shoveling someone's walkway if it's covered in snow
👉bringing in some fruit or other healthy snack for your office-mates
👉returning someone's cart for them at the grocery store
👉letting someone go in front of you in line
👉bringing in someone's garbage cans
👉smiling at people! (well maybe less in NYC because since that always throws people off 🤣)
👉leaving an extra generous tip when you're out to eat or getting coffee
👉Being a good listener. Sometimes the best way to put a smile on someone´s face is to just let them share away

💕 Spread your love seeds everywhere!💕

💕"It doesn't require a grand or heroic gesture to positively impact someone's life." Darren Hardy💕


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