Monday Mindset
I changed trajectories. I loved the idea of my Monday Monster blogs, it was fun, authentic and seemed to be relatable. But the word monster was starting to get to me. I didn't always love the feeling that can go with that word. 

Sometimes it was the warm fuzzy feeling of those cute monsters from the Monsters Inc. movie and other times it was a raging red eyed hell dog chasing me. Either way, I started to not love the word.  

And so I ended up not writing for a few weeks, I blamed the holidays, work,  the crazy energy of December starting and many other things-but in reality it was me not loving that word but not really knowing how to change that. 

So here we are, I started this Monday better off than many of the last Mondays; listening to motivational videos from some of my favorite YouTube channels,  getting some work out of the way, getting to the gym early and feeling more peaceful than in some time.  Refocus.

Today, I'm going to focus on how it all can be done, change the mindset and feel for more. 

What's one positive about your Monday?

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