do people care about the superbowl? I mean I sometimes I care about football and other times I give zero f*cks. 

BUT I do know a lot of people that do care and end up struggling with what to eat on these big game days. The traditional food is often heavily processed, filled with GMOs and other inflammatory elements like dairy and gluten as well as hundreds of different additives that have been shown to cause major health issues. Dominos alone sells 11 million slices of pizza on Super Bowl Sunday!πŸ•

I could write pages and pages on the different additives and how that impacts our gut health or how it impacts our metabolism or even how it can impact our sleep!-but alas I will not (today), today I'm just going to share a recipe that I LOVE and helped me at the time when I cared more about football and felt 'left out' of not diving into some of the snacks that it just seemed like everyone else could eat and not worry about. 

Buffalo Cauliflower (and yes I know it will not be the same as buffalo wings but isn't that kind of the point?)

🏈1 head of organic white cauliflower (whatever one looks the best in the store or at the farmers market but medium is what I used)
🏈1/4 cup of almond meal (you can also use a gf flower blend which can sometimes make it more crispy but I prefer the almond meal because of ingredients) 
🏈1 tsp garlic powder (some might want less than this so add at your discretion but I'm a garlic fiend) 
🏈3 tbsp plant milk (whatever you like, I use organic full fat Thrive market coconut milk, again ingredients)
🏈1/2 cup hot sauce (this is another one that can have some really interesting ingredients so grab the either most local or most organic one you can find, preferably without cane sugar but one thing at a time)
🏈1-4tsp of Miyoko's vegan butter (this is the best ingredient wise that I've found so far but I'm so open to finding other ones so if you know any let me know!) You can also use coconut oil or even olive oil as this isn't being fried at a high heat. 


Preheat the oven to 425 F. 

Line a large baking dish with parchment paper (if you can use the non-bleached brands). 

Toss with a little oil. Place in a very large glass bowl. Toss with the almond meal and garlic powder until evenly coated. 

Add your plant milk. 

Arrange in one layer in the baking pan. Bake on the center rack 25 minutes. 

Combine the oil or melted butter with the hot sauce (because the fat helps the sauce adhere to the cauliflower). Dip cauliflower in sauce. Then bake another 15 minutes. 

At this point I switch to broil for a few minutes (with careful eyes on it to avoid burning) as this can help with the crispy factor. 

Serve with vegan ranch dressing. I use the recipe from Minimalist baker but you can also grab some from the store if that's just easier!

Have you ever made an awesome dish that really made you happy or feel more included at a superbowl party? 


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