Pumping as a Nursing Mom
I've learned that in motherhood so many people have different opinions, but it's important to just find what works best for you and your baby. Before having our son, I heard varying opinions and viewpoints about breastfeeding and pumping. It was honestly a little overwhelming!

I didn’t know where I’d land when my little munchkin actually arrived Earth side, but I was open to doing whatever was best for him and I. Once he was born, I ended up pumping slightly because he wasn't eating as much as my breasts were producing. This is totally normal at first because your milk can come in hot and heavy before it regulates to your baby! I needed to pump to release some of the milk to avoid pain or mastitis.

The #1 thing I was told to regulate your production was to get baby to breast as much as possible and allow him to eat when he wants. Babies have such a tiny belly when they are first born and so they typically eat quite often. Once he and I regulated, I produced just the right amount for him and it has worked well for us since!

I like to pump once or twice a week after the morning feeding to have some “extra milk” on hand to freeze and store. I wanted to make sure I had some incase I need to be away from him for any reason; aka if Tim and I should decide to leave the munchkin with one of our parents' to go out to dinner, to actually have a date night.

I wanted to share with you one pump that has been really helpful! I'll never forget the night where I woke up in a lot of pain and this little guy just didn't want to eat (and he wasn't actually hungry). I ordered this pump in order to save some of the milk for a later date or even sell/donate!

I’d love to hear your breastfeeding experience! Did you choose to pump? What was most helpful for you?

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