Easy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Moms
Breakfast is the one meal that I always get questions on from women and moms. They want to eat breakfast, but don’t know what to have or they currently don’t even eat breakfast at all! Believe it or not, the idea of breakfast foods is a fairly new invention when it comes to looking at human history.

Whether you look at one of its first mentions by the Tudors in Elizabethan England or more recent by Mr. Kellogg himself (that’s a dark one too)-it’s not necessary to have ‘breakfast foods’ as we’ve been taught to (think cereal which is usually loaded with things we may want to stay away from more often then not).

While that may be the case, as a breastfeeding mom, it's important that I nurture my body and having a healthy (key word) breakfast helps me start off on the right foot. My mood is so much better because I'm not running on an empty stomach and my blood sugar is balanced (which affects our mood!).

Here’s some that help us keep our blood sugar balanced and hormone levels rocking, which is especially important for moms out there! (although truly everyone):

- Chia seeds soaked in almond milk with organic fruit, nut butter (organic raw almond) and protein powder (I like @four sigmatic for it's ingredients)

- Sprouted oatmeal with added protein powder, organic fruit and cocoa powder if you like chocolate!

  1. Smoothie with 1/2 cup organic coconut yogurt, 1/2 an avocado, water or coconut milk and added protein powder

The main goal with breakfast is for it to be nourishing to your body and packed with good ingredients. Breakfast is the first meal of the day and you’re essentially coming off a “fast” from sleeping overnight. This means if you pump your body full of sugar first then it’s going to negatively affect your body because your stomach is empty. This is going to result in a crash and burn out situation, which we want to avoid!


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