Common Myths Surrounding Breastfeeding
I definitely didn’t know a lot about breastfeeding before giving birth, other than my boobs will feed the munchkin.

In reality there are so many different things to learn and experience!

I was talking to someone and they were like, oh wait that’s not true?! So I thought here’s a few common breastfeeding myths and the real deal!

✨ Breastfeeding helps you lose weight

✨ Breastfeeding doesn’t help baby after 6 months

✨ What you eat as a breastfeeding mom doesn’t really matter for your milk

Let’s debunk these!

👉Losing weight isn’t a direct result from nursing your baby and each mom is different. Although you do burn around 500 calories by breastfeeding, you’re also eating more to produce that milk. There’s also the aspect of your body holding onto that weight to make sure you can feed your little one!

👉Your milk changes during your breastfeeding journey, but it’s still an important part of your baby’s diet and nutritional needs, even after 6 months! When you consume caffeine and alcohol (for example) that can end up (in small amounts) in your breast milk. There are also important vitamins and minerals that can be absorbed from your breast milk (like vitamin A, iron and others!) that come from your food.

👉What you eat can alter your milk! Traces of the food that you consume do get into your breastmilk so it’s important to be mindful of what you eat and if it causes any digestive or other issues for your baby (check out my previous post about dairy!)

Did any of these surprise you!?

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