Ways Dad Can Help if You're Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding can sometimes feel like a lonely and isolating experience. We as moms are doing the act of breastfeeding; it's our boobs, our time, our whole body and mind, but there are ways that dad can still help too!

In the beginning of our breastfeeding journey we were a bit confused, worried and just unsure! There were so many different voices in my head about what I 'should' do or what is 'right' and while figuring it all out, I was blessed enough to have my hubby right there with me working it all out so that our baby was well fed and I was taken care of. It can be really helpful to have that supportive dad who is there cheering you on when things might get a bit tough.

Ways that your significant other can support you:
✨Food! I didn't leave our bedroom for a week except for the bathroom. It became my eating area, my sleeping area and of course my baby caring for area.

✨Help with Tracking: We ended up writing down how often baby was eating (time was a blur) and for how long each time. Our lactation consultant recommended that, as we truly didn't have any idea since it was a day or two after my 32 hour labor.

✨Simply being there: Being next to you when you're questioning everything, when you're enjoying your baby's first snuggles, when you're getting used to your body again -everything.

Dad might want to help, but be unsure of what to do so the most important thing you can do is to ask for help. Tell him what you’re looking for and ways that he can help you during your breastfeeding journey. Just keep communication open during this sleep deprived stage!

If you're currently breastfeeding and looking for support and resources (I wish I had something like this when I was starting out!) here’s the link to grab my guide for nursing mamas!


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