Taking Care of Yourself as a Mom
Being a mama brings a whole new perspective on self care...

I've always been such a fan of self care. I knew that mothers had a tougher time with it then those of us without children, but figured there had to be ways to get that in! 

After birthing my little one I still do agree with this, but have an entirely new appreciation for even just the mindset around it! The only thing I really care about is making sure my baby is doing awesome, how can I care about myself? But then I take a moment and think, wait if I don't care for myself, I literally cannot care for him either! 

Getting exercise in and moving my body is something I truly enjoy doing, but it looks a little different now with a baby. I workout before the munchkin wakes up which is for about 20 minutes, but I'll take it! It’s important to remember that something is better nothing and to do what feels good to you! Each mom’s postpartum journey is different. 

I want you to be getting movement in because it feels good for you and is serving your body. Not because you are trying to "lose the baby weight" or "bounce back." It's so important that your mindset be in a place of love and respect for your body and what it just did. 

Being a breastfeeding mom, it’s important for you and I to take extra steps to nourish our body. Exercise and breastfeeding both require more of your body, so it’s necessary we nourish our body! The goal is to nourish your body with good foods, stay hydrated and move in a way that brings you joy. 

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